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Singer-songwriter Tilde Mouw came to San Francisco in late 2013 to look for their future. They fell in love and stayed. Known for sweet, innocent vocal stylings which take a counterpoint to cheekily dark lyrics, Tilde evokes Adrienne Lenker, Kimya Dawson and Phoebe Bridgers. Their 2020 EP, Ulterior Futures, marks an evolution of their indie folk toward bedroom pop.


Ulterior Futures opens with “Harm” an upbeat bop. The lyrics grapple with the banal betrayal of past relationships, an aching to move on. The story offers a glimmer of hope. Next, “Don’t Follow” manifests anger and helplessness at watching world events unfold in early 2020, with dark vocal effects creating the character of an avenging goddess who brings justice in the face of lies. “Please Let’s Go” returns to a folkier ballad, imagining a simple life. And “Attention” envisions a chill backyard party, waking from a scary dream to find that your friends can ease your anxiety. “Difficult City - ground down version,” the culminating song off Ulterior Futures comes from the portent, “This is a difficult city to get started in.” It was something a friend said to Tilde when they first arrived in the Bay Area. They know now that the city can also be a difficult place to keep going in, something the song captures in its cynical story of continuous effort. Tilde Mouw is a Minneapolis native, San Francisco-based singer/songwriter, music producer and artist. Her indie sound pairs thought-provoking lyrics with acoustic guitar and electronic drums to create energetic, emotional songs. She draws audiences in with dark humor and her playful, sweet voice. Her music evokes the influence of Phoebe Bridgers, Kimya Dawson, and Neko Case.

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